Super savory empanadas with a spicy dipping sauce
Super savory empanadas with a spicy dipping sauce
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Black-eyed peas, golden corn, & chanterelle empanadas

This recipe originally comes from the Sweet Home Café Cookbook. I've been looking for creative ways to use chanterelles other than cream and dairy-laden pastas and pizzas. As I was flipping through the book, this recipe really stood out to me as an interesting way to honor some late summer/early fall produce in the form of an empanada, something so familiar to me as someone with family originally from Argentina.

I took this recipe and used an empanada dough that I'm more familiar with, which is baked, not fried, like the cookbook suggests, simply because I'm lazy and frying constantly brings up images of me burning down a whole block of houses (not like it's happened to me, but I'm a bit terrified of this regardless) and because it felt like a nice way to bring this recipe into the baked empanadas that evoke true comfort food for me.

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Kohlrabi pancakes with herbed diced salad


Kohlrabi pancakes with herbed diced salad

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