When you need a 10-minute delicious dinner
When you need a 10-minute delicious dinner
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Molletes with fresh salsa

Credit for this recipe absolutely goes to José. A long time ago, he made these on a lazy Sunday when we had nearly nothing around and in true Berlin fashion, the shops were closed so we had to make due with what we had around.

The Danish are known for their Smørrebrød, which I will crudely call an open-faced sandwich. I'm absolutely no expert on the Smørrebrød, but living so close to Denmark, it's hard to not run into some culturally similar elements here in Berlin. Open-faced sandwiches can be picked up at nearly any bakery here, but they often come made with hard-boiled egg or the cured minced pork meat with raw onions on top that seems to beloved by Germans.

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Kohlrabi pancakes with herbed diced salad


Kohlrabi pancakes with herbed diced salad

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