An incredible salad that just gets better with time
An incredible salad that just gets better with time
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Farro and roasted pepper salad with charred scallions

I first had a memorably delightful salad with farro at a bakery in Cambridge, MA called Hi-Rise. It's a notoriously posh place (often joked around being called hi-price) but they do have some delicious treats and occasionally I'd just like a real treat.

They had this herbed buttermilk dressing they'd serve with the salad, along with farro, olives, and feta. It's an absolutely deluxe salad. A few months back I made it for José and he became enamored with farro - the chewiness of it was really the draw. So on my quest to find new and interesting ways to use farro, I came across this salad from Ottolenghi. If you're not vegan, you can absolutely use regular dairy feta. I tried this recipe with a vegan feta and was a fan, but next time I may just stick with extra olives for the fatty, salty, briny taste.

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Kohlrabi pancakes with herbed diced salad


Kohlrabi pancakes with herbed diced salad

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